Mike The Pike Productions, Inc. Reclaims Ownership of ServeNation™ Prepaid Debit Card Program

FORT WAYNE, Ind.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Mike The Pike Productions, Inc. (Pink Sheets: MIKP) announces today that, per terms of an agreement with Advanced Content Services, Inc. (Pink Sheets: ADCS), ownership of ServeNation™ (www.servenation.com) has reverted back to Mike The Pike Productions, Inc.

ServeNation is a prepaid debit card platform in a $300+ billion market, implementing a Give while you Live™ consumer/spending lifestyle that looks to harvest sustainable connection and awareness among consumers, corporations and charitable/non-profit organizations.

As a condition of ownership reverting back to MIKP, All ADCS shares issued to MIKP will, in turn, revert back to ADCS treasury, including 840,000,000 common shares and 110,000 Preferred A shares. As well, Mark B. Newbauer, who serves as CEO for both MIKP and ADCS, will look to step down as an officer of ADCS so as to facilitate full potential for both entities.

Newbauer comments, “We knew a time would come in which progress would deem changes necessary to corporate structure. Our progress on the feature film side with Mike The Pike Productions is tremendous. We’re gearing up ‘White Space’ for worldwide sales, in development on George R.R. Martin’s ‘The Skin Trade’ and near completion on three books under our Graphic Novel/Books division, in addition to other items that have yet to be announced. To add a dynamic model like ServeNation to the mix gives us diversity and major upside potential in terms of revenues, growth and project funding.”

He continues, “There are also significant opportunities at hand for Advanced Content Services, Inc. which will better serve shareholders there under new management and steps have been taken to ensure the best possible success moving forward without missing a beat.”

IPODesktop’s Francis Gaskins interviews CEO Mark B. Newbauer, including a focus on the company’s sci-fi thriller, ‘White Space’ –


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When's White Space & Skin Trade coming out?

ideally, each will be sold to a distributor who buys the rights to exhibit the film in various countries throughout the world.  From there, its the distributor’s decision as to what release dates, exhibition format(s), etc. will be most profitable and effective.    We’re making great headway with both projects, with White Space in post-production, with SFX, music, editing, and several other processes to give the film the polished look to achieve maximum production value for sales and potential franchising


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Holt McCallany takes time out for a boxing lesson with Zulay Henao on the set of www.mtpprods.com Sci-fi thriller, ‘WHITE SPACE’ 

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LOS ANGELES—(BUSINESS WIRE)— Mike the Pike Productions, Inc. (Pink Sheets:MIKP.pk – News) announces today that IPODesktop has released a video interview with CEO Mark B. Newbauer, including a focus on the company’s sci-fi thriller, ‘White Space’.

This is the first in a series of videos on MIKP by IPODesktop’s Francis Gaskins and scheduled future video interviews include the following topics:

Sci -Fi Markets
White Space Milestones
White Space Cast
White Space Plot