Exclusive Interview with MIKP CEO, Mark B. Newbauer on StockTradersTalk Radio

Mike The Pike Productions (OTC: MIKP) an entertainment company with a focus in feature films, graphic novels and media holdings will be a featured guest in an exclusive live interview on StockTradersTalk Radio.

The STT Radio Exclusive Interview will be held on Monday, May 21st at 8:00pm EDT, and can be heard live at the IHub Auditorium http://www.investorshub.advfn.com/boards/auditorium.aspx . Additionally, our show can be heard live directly from our STT Live Page at http://www.stocktraderstalk.com/live . An archived recorded version of the interview can be found and heard on the homepage of STT athttp://www.stocktraderstalk.com indefinitely following the live interview.

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public companies– say hello to a new era in fundraising– stop playing the victim and set your standards HIGHER— The JOBS Act will allow small companies including small public companies to raise $1 million annually (or $2 million if they have audited financials) by selling shares directly to the general public. What makes this a radical change from existing law is that the sale of unregistered shares can be advertised and sold over the Internet without any SEC or other approval, up to a maximum of $10,000 per purchaser (or 10% of their annual income, if that is less). Once the legislation is signed into law, it will, for the first time, allow companies to use services similar to kickstarter.com to sell stock, rather than just collect donations.

Mike The Pike Productions subsidiary, Saint James Films, signs former ICAP exec to serve as President/COO

“We’re thrilled to have Ted on board as President/COO. His years of experience and expertise set us ahead of schedule in a very big way in terms of overall potential and opportunity”


LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mike The Pike Productions (OTC: MIKP) announces today that sales and distribution veteran, Ted Chalmers (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0150043/) will serve as President and Chief Operating Officer of its newly acquired subsidiary, Saint James Films, which specializes in producing low budget and microbudget films (under $1m budget) for worldwide distribution.

Chalmers, former SVP of Media Brokerage for ICAP Media Markets (a division of www.icap.com), is also CEO of TomCat Films (www.tomcatfilmsllc.com), a company with an impressive track record in which all of its productions have been profitable to date. Ted has extensive experience in the realm of film production, sales and distribution for worldwide markets. He has been involved with the sales and distribution of such well known films as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hellraiser, Escape From New York, One False Move, Re-Animator and Evil Dead 2, among dozens of others.

Mike The Pike Productions CEO, Mark B. Newbauer, will meet with Chalmers in person this week to discuss Saint James Films (www.saintjamesfilms.com) and their agenda moving forward. “We’re thrilled to have Ted on board as President/COO. His years of experience and expertise set us ahead of schedule in a very big way in terms of overall potential and opportunity,” states Newbauer.

Saint James Films’ December 2011 financial statement saw total net assets in excess of $170,000 and the company currently projects additional positive cash-flow in excess of $250,000 for 2012 via proceeds for both existing contracts and films currently in various stages of development and production.

Saint James Films expects to achieve revenues in excess of $1m by end of 2013, at which point it will be fully engaged in acquiring properties as well as producing original content for worldwide distribution with $5m in revenues by end of 2014 in a ever-progressing business model that will focus in low budget, high quality genre content for worldwide markets. These figures are based on conservative low-end projections with potential for exponentially more as the company continues to increase product flow and enhance production value for each project. MIKP has increased its authorized shares to 5b to allow for acquisitions similar to the Saint James Films success through 2012-2013. In line with this strategy, Mike The Pike Productions is in negotiations to retire up to $500,000 in long-term liabilities and confirms that it will not effect a reverse split in 2012. The company does this toward overall benefit to MIKP shareholders and long-term company growth.

As mentioned in a previous release, Saint James Films includes a network with extensive experience in production, sales, distribution and investment banking; creating content with longstanding relationships to buyers worldwide and with presence at major film markets around the world, including the AFM, MIPCOM, Berlinale and Cannes. The company looks to make a material announcement in early April in line with its strategy and achievements for growth and added value through 2012.

Please feel free to email the company direct at: info@mtpprods.com with any questions or comments.

ServeNation update

This is a brief update on the sale of our wholly owned subsidiary, ServeNation, Inc., a prepaid debit program founded by Mark B. Newbauer and Jasmine Raja after purchasing the program name, LLC and national customer lists from its original owner.  I am using an email from a shareholder which summarized other questions well, to answer.  Please feel free to call us or email with any questions until further public release on the subject.

 Is ServeNation 100 percent owned by MIKP:

Currently, yes. 
or just a fraction as stated in your most recent PR about the sale of ServeNation to one of your lenders: 

The 27.5% that we will retain in equity ownership and revenue shares is what we agreed on as part of the conditions of the sale, as per the last press release. 

  Not sure I understand this ServeNation information. 

This will be clarified in a release once the deal is consummated in full— this is not something I wanted to give an effective date on as the public markets, and the work involved with being a public company can take a timeline from weeks to months as we’ve all witnessed, I’m sure. 

 That said—- We agreed to sell ServeNation for $350k to a committed JV Group.  Their intent is to take the company public, most likely a bulletin board company and with executives from Chicago that have a great deal of experience and success with large ventures.  

I agreed, on behalf of the company, toward collective benefit, to allow for payment once the most suitable scenario for ServeNation was identified and prepared by the buyer.  Further, though we have agreed to sell, I will not let ServeNation go casually and terms have been built in to our agreement in which they must satisfy both cash payment along with an actionable plan for program deployment and success.  

They have a great head start as, again, we already have established strong relationships with a major financial institution as well as a network for the card, which CURRENTLY includes one or more of the following:  Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex.  

This has been previously announced, however the specific company has not as there was no reason, in my opinion, to do this until the program was closer to launch.  Announcement otherwise would have been premature in my opinion and feel that knowing we’re working with a major global network, would suffice.  

Per recent discussions, Jasmine Raja will remain on the Board as Director or continue to serve as CEO for ServeNation, Inc. with best collective interests on hand.  All announcements by the new company will be shared publicly with MIKP holders via press release as we will be holding a significant stake in the company with the 27.5%.   

Andy Brase designs cover for France's release of George R.R. Martin's The Skin Trade

Beware!!!! Lycanthropy is spreading.  Dire Wolves spotted in France this morning: Pretty awesome- GREAT WORK on George R. R. Martin’s The Skin Trade, Andy Brase!!

check out Andy’s blog here:  http://andybrase.blogspot.com/2012/02/skin-trade-cover-art-for-george-rr.html   showing off the cover of The Skin Trade – now available in France at http://www.editions-actusf.fr/george-r-r-martin/skin-trade

George R.R. Martin says it's Time to Howl for The Skin Trade

Pretty Awesome—- GEORGE R.R. MARTIN graces us with his presence today.  Check out his post about The Skin Trade on his very own blog. When I first optioned the story for www.mtpprods.com, I was drawn to it on several levels and, as we continue to develop the project, we are full-on living, breathing these characters and the universe in which they exist.

It’s unarguable, GRRM is well deserving of his recent accolades, which have been a long time coming— one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential People, USA Today’s Author of the Year, and New York Times Bestseller, with much thanks HBO’s production of George’s ‘Game of Thrones’.   As an auteur, his work is being enjoyed en masse- he’s becoming a brand of sorts- and it’s this fervor that surrounds his work as of late, that makes the project that much more exciting.  We loved him and his work well before GoT—but now, it’s as if this project can be rightly celebrated by so many who recognize his genius, that may have overlooked the project otherwise before.

‘nuff said— bottom line— Get ready for a twist-and-turn murder mystery like no other you’ve ever seen before— and much thanks to George R.R. Martin, Vince Gerardis, Ryan Colucci, Beth Newbauer and Stacey Parks of www.filmspecific.com for being an integral part of it all.