Fish In A Barrel

Comedy – in development

Alan Fiske, a 30-something still living at home with his grandfather, gets dumped by 
the town hottie, Linda Hart.  Worse yet, she dumped him for his archenemy, Rick Worthington, 
whose dad owns everything in their small lake town and then some. Rick, a 30-something man-boy, also living at home, likes his cake and eats it too as he carries on in 
a long-distance affair with Summer Andrews, unbeknownst to Linda.  And when Summer comes 
to town for a surprise visit,  Alan falls for her, Linda wants her dead, and Rick wants it all.

One night, in a bait delivery gone bad, Alan and his best friend, Charles, are forced to play 
Rick and  his buddies in a game of high stakes poker.  In a battle of the egos, Rick bets his 
father’s yacht against Alan’s entire savings and loses. Rick does not go quietly into that 
good night. His dad threatens to relinquish his car, privileges and entire estate inheritance.
Rick suggests a re-match and offers to throw in his girlfriend, Summer, to sweeten the pot.

Alan complies at a chance to win her heart. In order to avoid any chance of cheating, 
the boys settle on a fishing contest: To catch the legend of their lake, Mike the Pike, a 30 lb Muskie whose head has a not-so-handsome price on it from the town loon, Freddy Bannister. 
He is hell-bent on avenging a recent, very ‘personal’ loss to Mike the Pike, the JAWS of their lake, notorious for leaving his prey running for shore…