Industry Overview: Box Office, VOD and Graphic Novels

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The global motion picture and entertainment industry is expected to reach close to $87 billion, according to MarketLine. Market growth is forecast to slow to a yearly rate of -0.3% through 2015, to under $86 billion. Box office sales represent the leading market segment, generating close to $32 billion, or over 36% of the overall market in terms of value.

Theatrical motion pictures involve the production, distribution and exhibition of movies. The industry is competitive, with various players from major studios and national exhibition chains as well as independent production companies, distributors and art houses. The motion picture market refers not only to the theatrical sector but also to other sectors like home video, video games, pay television, merchandising and network television.

 According to Price Waterhouse Coopers’ US entertainment and media outlook: 2014–2018, the film industry in the US will continue to be the world leader over the next 5 years as there is plenty of growth potential to look forward to.

Predominant areas for growth for the film industry include box office revenue, and electronic home entertainment. While the industry in general will continue to see growth, physical home video revenue will continue to drop. Streaming of videos through OTT will continue to see an uptick in revenue and use. Even though more individuals will stream video, they will continue to see movies in theaters even as ticket prices slowly increase.

Likewise, comic books and graphic novels are becoming two of the most pervasive and influential media forms of popular culture. Placed within the context of changing society, comic books and graphic novels entertain and educate, but they have also been instrumental in documenting and interpreting social, historical, and current events. As Diamond Bookshelf states, the success of such films as Spiderman & X-Men has led to movie studios seeking out other material. Films such as 300, V For Vendetta, and Watchmen, all based on original comics & graphic novel series,  have favorably increased the general public’s awareness and opinion of comic books. Others have seen their graphic novels turned into critically acclaimed motion pictures.  As current media interest continues to focus on comic books and related series, the popularity of the graphic novel will continue to grow.

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