Pinch me!

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I am thrilled to announce we’ve reached our stated goal on Kickstarter, in only the 1st week of our campaign.  This, of course, was made possible by you!  You that shared, You that cared, You, so many, that made others aware.

We thank you so much for taking us this far, so far!  This finally takes the book to print, and I’m thrilled to see that we are strong and growing in our monies raised because, as its creator, Ryan Colucci, best puts it in the campaign itself , surpassing our goal would be amazing… as a decent % will end up going to Kickstarter fees, taxes and shipping (and fulfilling rewards).

Over and above that, it brings us that much closer to covering the total costs of the book (pencils, inks, lettering, desk-top-publishing), which is roughly $20,000. It also means STRETCH GOALS are unlocked!  According to KickTraq today, if we can continue at the rate we have, we will reach $20,910 by the end of the campaign.

So THANK YOU, and PLEASE, one of the best ways to support us right now, aside from the much appreciated monetary support (in exchange for some awesome rewards including the sublime book itself), is to SHARE THIS CAMPAIGN on your facebook timeline, twitter feed and/or mention it on your blog.

Last but not least– in thanks to and honor of those that have supported us, I am committing to supporting at LEAST 1 Kickstarter campaign per week from YOU!  (I’ve already supported 5 in the first week).

Simply tag me, Mark B. Newbauer and/or Mike The Pike Productions in a Facebook post featuring your campaign, and I will become a supporter of you!