Mike The Pike update: SPOKEFISH GN ‘R.E.M.’ looking awesome!

Mike The Pike update: SPOKEFISH GN ‘R.E.M.’ looking awesome!  check out progress update from project manager, spoke lane entertainment….


Pawel Sambor, (www.harbor-moon.com) is making great strides on Spokefish’s graphic novel, Bulderlyns as an inker/colorist.  Spokefish’s Ryan Colucci states, “It is safe to say that the one thing about Harbor Moon everyone raves about (over everything else) is the coloring.  So to have him for this book is a major coup.  Igor Wolski’s pencils with Pawel’s colors are going to be killer.”

Bulderlyns is about a small town just outside of Chicago that is turned upside down when a businessman brings his son a rare egg from a trip overseas.  The egg hatches and the town is besieged by one of the two mythical Bulderlyn creatures inside.  The small boy and the other, gentler creature must teach each other the meaning of courage as they attempt to save the town from the beast.

CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE to Check out details on what MTP Spokefish project manager, Ryan Colucci, says “will be a monster of a book.”   ‘Chasing Rabbits’  is one of three books currently in production under the Spokefish banner and the link will take you to some ‘killer’ artwork by newcomer Sigit Nugroho