Saint James Films making great strides with new acquisition!



Really looking forward to sharing this in the coming days, but just to let everyone among our 4,333 followers (and growing) know that our subsidiary, Saint James Films has just inked a game changing deal for the company.  I’m working on a press release to ensure I get the value of the deal across properly, but I’m confident it will give SJF the ability to really maximize its deal flow toward a win-win with our distributor, TomCat Films, LLC and the upflow into development/production for MTP .

Shareholder Update

Just a note to shareholders: 

The company remains actively focused on managing and growing its business. 

We will be issuing Press Release(s) with detail, but just to update all on a few things: 

DTCC ‘CHILL’-  We have discussed the issue with DTCC and were directed to a list of brokerage firms and market makers which can perform DD on MIKP and go to bat for the company for re-instatement.  Consultants for MIKP are actively engaged with said parties in efforts to remedy the Chill.  We will update frequently or as often as steps are made in the right direction here.  DTCC was accommodating with information and the reason stated for the Chill was an unusually large amount of shares deposited at once by a third party and that this can be remedied with the help of a sponsoring firm.  

It is the company’s belief that said shares are now freely trading and recent market pressure will subside.  That said, the company commits to shareholders to be both cautious and judicious moving forward, aligned with parties that understand our goals and challenges.  We will keep shareholders abreast of notable company changes, project benchmarks and financing and capital arrangements toward company growth and industry opportunities.  As well, the company will work to settle debt arrangements in a timely manner in anticipation of revenues from White Space and other projects to achieve an attractive balance sheet toward an uplist to OTCBB when appropriate.  

Current Share Structure: 

a/s: 2.5b


free trading: 986m

In short, the Authorized (and outstanding) was increased to make room for a major deal sourced at AFM and currently in negotiations which, if agreed upon, will bring an immediate boost to MIKP’s balance sheet with a significant increase in assets and a solid revenue opportunity for the company in the entertainment/feature film production sector.  If for any reason the deal does not come to fruition, 500m shares will remain with the transfer agent in certificate form, restricted for 1 year beginning November 2011. 

As well, part of the increased shares otherwise was done for overall company growth initiatives in line with the company’s business plan (including financing for a series of low-budget, high margin genre films which have been contracted but TBA, re-up of George R.R. Martin’s The Skin Trade and another literary property to be announced.)  

The latter is a true story published by Warner Brothers books and written by an award winning journalist.  We’re confident that progress here will make for a stronger market and overall benefit for the company’s new and long-time supporters. is in post-production and Producers have been at work all weekend making notes on a rough-cut edit toward implementation of visual effects, score and other finishing elements.  Due to findings at AFM in which, basically, the more effects the film has, the more it sells for, Producers have identified additional VFX opportunities within the film which pushes completion out by a few months but should effectively increase overall ROI.  Producers are thrilled with the edit to date and expect finalization and sale to be a major catalyst for growth in the company and its stock. 

Meanwhile, the White Space cast members have been very active in Hollywood, including Holt McCallany’s recent casting in Warner Brothers’ ‘Gangster Squad’ and Kodi Kitchen’s contract role in ‘General Hospital’. 

As well, the company will be adding a new Board Member and announcement of an executive at the top of their field who has joined forces with Mike The Pike Productions is forthcoming. 

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George R.R. Martin’s The Skin Trade:

White Space: