“At last the anchor was up, the sails were set, and off we glided.” – Herman Melville

Captain’s Log April 1, Year of our Lord, Twenty-Eleven: Okay, the anchor’s not quite up yet, and though it’s April 1st, don’t be fooled, there is treasure on the horizon. MTP has been working hard behind the scenes to ensure smooth sailing with a few major opportunities for MTP and its shareholders. One, in particular, with producing partner, Ryan Colucci and a strategic relationship with www.filmworksfx.com founder, Ken Locsmandi, should provide a sea of good news for all those who didn’t jump ship post-reverse on the company’s publicly traded entity, MIKP. There’s not too much we’ll say pre-public announcement, but I can say I am confident like never before that we will accomplish more than anyone bargained for in 2011, with respect to motion pictures, graphic novels and the company’s stock. The announcement is in line with a project that MTP will embark on with Ryan, myself and Jim Devoti producing, with visual effects genius, Ken Locsmandi, helming the controls. Until our next entry, Regards.