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Congratulations to George R.R. Martin, author behind Mike The Pike Productions’ ‘THE SKIN TRADE’ and HBO’s Game of Thrones!!!

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By Patrick Kevin DayFebruary 6, 2013, 5:27 p.m.

George R.R. Martin is much in-demand in Hollywood these days, as the HBO series based on his books, “Game of Thrones,” is the rare combination of a critical and commercial hit that can also move a lot of merchandising. Because of that magic touch, HBO announced on Tuesday that it had signed the science fiction and fantasy author to a two-year overall deal to develop new shows for the pay cable channel.

One would think Martin’s legions of fans would be cheering in the streets at the news that one of their favorite creators was being given more opportunities to bring his vision to TV. Surprisingly, it’s not entirely the case.

While there are assorted cheers here and there, almost resoundingly the reaction has been along the lines of this: “Finish the books, George. Just finish the books.”

“Game of Thrones” is adapted from Martin’s seven-novel “A Song of Ice and Fire” series of novels, of which five have been published. While the first three books were published within roughly a year of each other, the writing process of the last two books has been much slower. It took five years for the fourth book to be published and nearly six years for the fifth book.

The slow writing time coupled with Martin’s advancing age (he’s 64) has led many of his most passionate fans to worry that the author won’t be able to finish the series on his own. Their worries aren’t entirely unfounded; Robert Jordan, the bestselling fantasy author of the “Wheel of Time” series, died in 2007, leaving fans clamoring for conclusion of the multi-volume series. Jordan’s publisher, Tor, brought in fantasy author Brandon Sanderson to finish the series, which finally concluded with the publication of “A Memory of Light” in January.

In comments sections, on message boards and on Facebook and Twitter, the fans have been sharing the news and their own anxieties.

“I completely support #georgerrmartinand all his artistic endeavors and OH MY GOD WHERE IS THE NEXT BOOK?” wrote CNET Managing Editor Jen Guevin.

“George R.R. Martin STOP MAKING NEW STUFF AND JUST FINISH WHAT YOU’VE STARTED!!”wrote New York area game designer Eric Chung.

The deal will have Martin continuing to co-executive produce the “Game of Thrones” TV show in addition to the ability to develop and produce new series for the channel.

Martin continues to write the sixth and penultimate book in the series, “The Winds of Winter.” Though he posted a new sample chapter on his website in January, there’s still no announcement of when the book is expected to be published.

Martin isn’t a newcomer to Hollywood. He spent years as a TV writer in the 1980s, writing for the “Twilight Zone” reboot as well as “Beauty and the Beast.” It was the failure of a proposed series he created in the early ’90s, “Doorways,” which pushed him back to writing fiction and the creation of the “Song of Ice and Fire” series in the first place. He has stated that he wanted to write a series as big as his imagination and not be hampered by the limitations of a television budget.

Many fans have expressed a desire for Martin to adapt his “Wild Cards” series of collaboratively written novels about superheroes to the screen. The series of books, begun in 1987, is a shared universe created by a collective of science fiction and fantasy writers and edited by Martin and Melinda Snodgrass.

LUCKY NUMBER 7: George R.R. Martin named in Hollywood's Top 25 most powerful authors

GREAT NEWS!!!!  CONGRATULATIONS TO GRRM and his manager, Created By’s Vince Gerardis, on a well deserved accolade here.  Not too shabby for Mike The Pike either as we’re actively developing based on Martin’s World Fantasy Award winning book…

Mike The Pike Productions, Inc. Announces Material Shareholder Update

LOS ANGELES, CA- July 11, 2012- Mike The Pike Productions (OTC: MIKP) an entertainment company with a focus in feature films, graphic novels and media holdings, issues the following update for shareholders in the company in a continued employment of actions toward increased shareholder value in line with company growth, including settlement of debt & liabilities, reduction of authorized and outstanding shares, finalization of feature films, sales and distribution of feature films, development of feature film and graphic novel properties. CEO/Producer, Mark B. Newbauer issues the following report on behalf of the company:
In Q2, Mike The Pike Productions launched an aggressive program to reduce debt and liabilities as well as share structure in a long-term commitment to growth and added-value for its shareholders.
Material transactions in regards to share structure include:
May 23, 2012- Nearly 50%Reduction of Authorized Shares from 5b to 2.586b
June 11, 2012- Reduction of Outstanding Shares by 150,000,000 from 2.586b to 2.436b
June 18, 2012- Reduction of Outstanding Shares by 60,000,000 from 2.436b to 2.376b
June 21, 2012- Reduction of Outstanding Shares by 53,000,000 from 2.376b to 2.323b
June 29, 2012- Reduction of Outstanding Shares by 74,683,347 from 2.323b to 2.249b
June 29, 2012- Reduction of Authorized Shares by 337,683,347 from 2.586b to 2.249b
The company reduced more than 50% of its Authorized Shares and 13.5% of its Outstanding Shares in Q2 with plans for continued added value therein.
Material transactions in regards to reduction of debt/liabilities include:
June 1, 2012- Reduction of Current Liabilities by $190,000
June 7, 2012- Reduction of Long-Term Liabilities by $236,834
June 15, 2012- Reduction of Long-Term Liabilities by $104,000
July 10, 2012- Reduction of Long-Term Liabilities by $142,077
Total reduction of debt and long-term liabilities since Q1 = $672,911 resulting in the lowering of debt/liabilities in total from $1,582,953 to $910,042 with continued plans to reduce debt and build assets through 2012.
FEATURE FILMS: Effects driven sci-fi thriller, White Space, ( is currently in post-production. Principal photography took place in Spring/Summer 2011 and Producers are currently working to ensure the film is completed in a timely manner toward the best possible sales outcome. Post Production elements include visual effects, editing, score, color grading among others.
The team looks to have a trailer and/or sizzle reel completed for the film by this year’s American Film Market ( and Producers have already received a number of unsolicited requests from distributors (domestic and foreign) with interest in the project. The film stars Holt McCallany (Gangster Squad, Bullet to the Head) and Zulay Henao (Takers, Fighting, Hostel III) and is written by Clay McLeod Chapman, based on a story by Ryan Colucci (The Skin Trade, Harbor Moon).
The company has also Optioned the rights to the World Fantasy Award Winning ‘The Skin Trade’ ( by New York Times Bestselling author, George R.R. Martin, the mastermind behind HBO’s increasingly popular ‘Game of Thrones’. Currently in script stages, Producers Mark B. Newbauer and Ryan Colucci look to package The Skin Trade with director and/or cast with at least 2 additional werewolf projects for this year’s American Film Market.
The company believes both films to have multi-million dollar sales/distribution potential.

As well, the company is currently in negotiation for film rights to another book to be announced upon closing.
Mike The Pike Productions recently acquired Saint James Films, LLC- a movie studio producing highly entertaining genre movies for the worldwide marketplace. The company is headed by Mike The Pike CEO, Mark B. Newbauer and sales/distribution veteran and Ted Chalmers, founder/CEO of genre powerhouse, TomCat Films, LLC ( )
In addition to projects acquired in the deal, the company under new ownership has produced two feature films, ‘Agent Beetle’ and ‘Captain Battle’ ( which have secured a distribution deal with TomCat and active sales agreements for foreign territories including Germany, Thailand, Malaysia/Singapore and Indonesia and expects additional sales to U.S., Canada, Latin America and other Key Territories. Each film was produced for under $1m and both have recouped their initial budgets into net profits via pre-sales agreements.
Saint James Films ( has recently begun pre-production on sorority-slasher, ‘Revenge of Lizzie Borden’ and looks to have the film fully finished by end of August 2012 to be presented at this year’s AFM alongside the company’s current slate with announcement of at least two additional projects this year.
SJF is also in negotiation for distribution rights to Zombie franchise, Aftermath, the first picture of which is currently in production.
GRAPHIC NOVELS- Mike The Pike Productions is partnered with Spoke Lane Entertainment ( to publish three books this year including mind-bending thriller ‘R.E.M’., fantasy ‘Bulderlyns’ and twisted murder mystery, ‘Chasing Rabbits’. Spoke Lane’s Ryan Colucci is overseeing the projects and updates on the books can be found frequently on Colucci’s website or the MTP blog. The books are aimed at both profitability and source material for feature film development and/or film rights sales.
Quarterly Report for Q2 is currently underway and the company aims to file before the deadline of August 15, 2012. The company’s goal into 2013 is to continually improve the company’s share structure while reducing debts and increasing revenues toward an uplist to BB, AMEX or NASDAQ.
If you missed the Radio interview and you are a shareholder or prospective shareholder of MIKP, it is highly recommended by company execs that you give a listen as a companion to what all involved feel will be a game changing year for the company.
The interview can be reviewed on STT website, Investorshub Auditorium or on our blog at:
About Mike The Pike Productions, Inc..: Mike The Pike Productions is an entertainment company specializing in feature films, graphic novels and media acquisitions. Overall, MIKP projects are ‘Mainstream Independent’, combining a well-structured vision with top-tier talent; challenging current standards while maintaining mass appeal. Official Company Website:
CEO Mark B. Newbauer’s bio on IMDB:
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Mark B. Newbauer

George R.R. Martin says it's Time to Howl for The Skin Trade

Pretty Awesome—- GEORGE R.R. MARTIN graces us with his presence today.  Check out his post about The Skin Trade on his very own blog. When I first optioned the story for, I was drawn to it on several levels and, as we continue to develop the project, we are full-on living, breathing these characters and the universe in which they exist.

It’s unarguable, GRRM is well deserving of his recent accolades, which have been a long time coming— one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential People, USA Today’s Author of the Year, and New York Times Bestseller, with much thanks HBO’s production of George’s ‘Game of Thrones’.   As an auteur, his work is being enjoyed en masse- he’s becoming a brand of sorts- and it’s this fervor that surrounds his work as of late, that makes the project that much more exciting.  We loved him and his work well before GoT—but now, it’s as if this project can be rightly celebrated by so many who recognize his genius, that may have overlooked the project otherwise before.

‘nuff said— bottom line— Get ready for a twist-and-turn murder mystery like no other you’ve ever seen before— and much thanks to George R.R. Martin, Vince Gerardis, Ryan Colucci, Beth Newbauer and Stacey Parks of for being an integral part of it all.

Happy New Year 2012 from Mike The Pike Productions

Thank you to all who have supported us to date and welcome to those that have just taken notice.  2011 was quite a year for the company— I’ll do my best to spare you the cliche of an overly detailed lookback— but I can’t help but be thankful for the opportunity we had this year to take the motion pictures division full force with sci-fi thriller White Space, now in post-production.  Much thanks goes to producing partner, Ryan Colucci and his Spoke Lane Entertainment, for bringing the project to our table.

White Space is a deep space monster movie set amidst a classic tale of vengeance and obsession, is high-concept and overall large in scale, thanks to a great story and a bevy of high-end special effects.

All involved anticipate an impressive ROI and, the feat itself, accomplishing a film of this magnitude in our embryonic stage, will no doubt pay off in a very big way.  I’m very proud for the accomplishment thus far and thrilled with partners and friends, old and new, who made it all possible.  Looking forward, now that we’ve finally been able to take the steps necessary toward becoming a ‘real live boy! (er, fish), I’m confident that diligence in executing our growth strategy will lead to exponential growth and industry position.  That’s the last of the ‘CEO-speak’ but I say it from the heart, despite the board room lingo.

Then there’s George R.R. Martin’s The Skin Trade.  Wow.  Not much more to say than that in regards to the year of well deserved success for the author (see his comments at   USA Today’s Author of the Year; Time Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential People; New York Times Bestseller List, and 13 Emmy Nominations for HBO’s Game of Thrones.

What does this have to do with Mike The Pike’s adaptation of GRRM’s World Fantasy Award winning werewolf masterpiece, The Skin Trade?  Directly, not much.  But you’ll remember, I optioned the rights to this well before HBO gave a greenlight to Game of Thrones— I did it because I truly loved the story, the characters and the rich universe surrounding what I consider to be the best werewolf fiction ever written.

…and then comes Game of Thrones (by the way, you can toss my efforts to keep this short into a vat of hydrochloric acid)— and the mass appeal the show achieved in just one premiered episode, at which point HBO greenlit a second season and only a few months later, HBO co-Pres, Richard Plepler states boldly that Game of Thrones will go on for as long as George continues to write.   Now George is quickly becoming a brand and the industry has taken note— Syfy just picked up ‘Wild Cards’ and Season 2 of GoT takes flight with Dragons and all in April of this year.

Meanwhile,  I am full force on development and packaging initiatives for ‘The Skin Trade’ to make it the howling success I know it can be.  Yeah, I just said that.  I did. I could backspace, but I’m leaving it.

Short version:  George is the man- and the powers that be are recognizing this.  The success overflow has helped our project achieve a shimmering exterior with which to present and package; then, attach a producing partner with financing capabilities (of which there are already contenders) for an all-out win-win watershed success.

WTF is Spokefish?  Well, glad you asked— Spokefish is our Graphic Novel/Comics/Publishing division.  It was borne as a partnership between Mike the Pike Productions and Spoke Lane Entertainment.  This is something I don’t talk about as much as we could because getting through a graphic novel from start to finish is quite the process— much like a movie—but the process itself, the ‘how does the watch work?’, doesn’t interest those except the proud but few whose idea of online erotic satisfaction is a few hours clicking through DeviantArt.  But boy is the work impressive.  I love receiving new pages, seeing them penciled, then colored, coming to life, step by step, with each new stroke (are you hot yet?)  –

We’ve got three books in production— R.E.M., Bulderlyns and Chasing Rabbits— all from the auteur behind the critically acclaimed Harbor Moon.

If you like dragons, serial killers and paradoxical sleep patterns,  then you’ll love these books.  I cannot WAIT until we finish them. By ‘we’, I mean the artists.  I can hold my own with a good stick figure, and my Ant cartoons circa age 9 were a big hit with the family, but….

Well, Anyway—- Aside from being moderately profitable based on projections, the promise the books really hold (from a purely soul-less financial perspective) are as movie adaptations— be it in-house productions or film-rights partnerships and sales— these are are all solid prospects for screen. These are, for the long-term, the flagship three toward a long-list library we’re developing in-house for book sales and multi-platform storytelling.  Check out more here on our blog and also on our Graphic Novels page, which will be evolving quite a bit in the coming months.

Our second round of GN’s will include one of my own screenplays, one of my very favorites:  ’Children of the Night’, a teen homage to Bram Stoker’s Dracula along with some other delectable treats that may just make you go blind if you look directly at them. Best to use peripheral vision with Spokefish fare- It’s just that good.

Finally, (drumroll, please) the new acquisition. Currently under negotiation, which was announced about a week ago via Press Release.   This opportunity, which originated with my attendance at this year’s American Film Market, is one of the BEST Christmas, New Year’s and Birthday Presents I could have possibly received.  The best ever for Mike The Pike- who I think has had some pretty sh*tty christmas’ in the past (sorry, buddy).

One of the worst was the blur that is 2003-2005, when our beloved ‘Fish in a Barrel’, only months away from pre-production, full-on packaged with Burt Reynolds and Chris Elliott, along with a host of newcomers and some nice pre-sales in place, was taken down by a fraudulent financier— who also took down two other larger projects that same year- with the promise to leverage a letter of credit we were generously bestowed by an Indiana bank and trust company.

Thankfully this charlatan was taken down for Fraud before anyone got hurt too badly, but it was devastating to say the least.  All for a reason, and I couldn’t be happier that Fish in a Barrel will swim to see another day- this I can promise.

Greater thanks goes to all those who have come to know us and support us- including the best family an entrepreneur could ask for- An incredibly beautiful, considerate, “I-don’t-know-how-she-does-it” wife and mother, and our bundles of joy and tiger blood, Billy Bernard and Jacob James;  Parents that shaped me, encouraged me and taught us always to take the high road, and my amazing friends, all with some outstanding guidance, advice and perspective.

You are most like those you surround yourself with and I’m happy to say my ‘circle’ has rounded out quite nicely for 2012, shedding the final bits of those we wanted to trust but ultimately could not, those we wanted to believe in, but let us down.  It’s put up or shut up from here on out— we’re right-on proper and I couldn’t be happier.  Special thanks to and its founder, Stacey Parks.

Nevertheless, some hard years building what is now Mike The Pike Productions.  Stay tuned for news on the new acquisition— All I can say, in a nutshell, since this post has probably worn-out its welcome for most, is ‘So far, so good’…

I’m confident we’ll have final terms negotiated this week, with Purchase and Sale effected a few days thereafter at which point Mike The Pike Productions will gain a wholly owned subsidiary which will provide immediate assets, cash-money earnings and long-term receivables with a consistent stream of low budget fare with an active, predictable buyer/sales scenario at hand.

This brand will be completely separate from the Mike the Pike Productions brand, but, as a wholly owned subsidiary, MTP will enjoy all the fruits of its labor in terms of revenue accumulation on the books and cash-flow for operations, effecting what I feel will be an ultra-positive spin for MIKP in terms of demand vs. supply on the company’s stock.


If you skipped over all that, skimming down for whatever catches your eye, you can go f*ck yourself, because I just spent all this time typing it.  Just kidding.

I simply hope that everyone can take the time this year to focus on being a better person, no matter how good you may already feel, you can always be better and inspire those around you to do the same.

This does have a lasting, residual effect and will make for great things you may not have felt possible.  People will surprise you— good and bad, but so long as you always focus on what is right, good things will come to you.

Do the very best job it is you can at anything and everything you do.  Do more things you really love doing.  Find the time.  MAKE the time.  It’s there— we all have 24 hours.  Do something you’ve always wanted to this year.  But don’t forget the key—Make sure you do it with all your heart- and you will thrive.

NY Times Bestselling author, George R.R. Martin named author of the year!

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