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Thrilled about today’s release (last post) regarding our acquisition of Blood Rites ( via wholly owned subsidiary, Saint James Films, LLC — Aside from the fact that the film is a well made, inspired piece of grindhouse/genre goodness, it signifies a major evolution for Saint James Films as a whole.  Why, you may ask?  How is this film different from the others on SJF’s slate for 2012.  We’ve got Captain Battle: Legacy War, Agent Beetle, Lizzie Borden’s Revenge and more on their way to add to our assets/titles, so why is ‘Blood Rites’ so special?

Well, here it is– Blood Rites was not produced in house by Saint James Films–  it also wasn’t financed by Saint James Films, LLC– that saves two things– money and manpower– neither of which we had to exert to assure a quality finished product with exponential revenue potential.  But we do get to MAKE money with it, partnered with the film’s producers, who now have International Distribution on their project with a producer-friendly arrangement in which both parties win accordingly.   So now, thanks to the work of SJF execs, we have a streamlined ability to pick up quality, saleable product, without any of the burden of budget or project management, all the while effecting similar ROI scenarios.  So imagine this on a larger scale as we continue to grow.  Saint James is producing 5-10 of its own films this year, possibly 10 or more next– all the while, acquiring quality projects from accomplished producers and up-and-coming filmmakers for a win-win, creating a multiplier effect on our output.   The potential here is substantial as it positions the already successful business model for precipitous growth in terms of both revenues and title assets in its film library.  SJF is a numbers game.  We don’t make “Marvel: The Avenger’s” returns in terms of numbers.  But we do, in fact have similar ROI.  More Movies. More Revenue.

Very different from our Mike The Pike Productions slate, such as George R.R. Martin’s The Skin Trade or White Space, both of which hold tremendous potential for brand prestige, position and impressive returns.   At the same time, they are very much the same, simply that they operate in different realms– as always, the overall model is that SJF provides consistent near-term revenues, while MTP prepares itself to bask as the next  Summit or Lions Gate Entertainment… Summit, of course was acquired by LGF recently for $400,000,000.   Not bad– and all justified by one little franchise called Twilight, based on a well received book….Lion’s Gate of course found its first footing with 2000’s ‘American Psycho’.  Sounds like a familiar scenario, doesn’t it?  A well received author under option by a budding film company turns out, arguably, two of the most successful mini-majors in the history of film.

Shareholders-  to really get a feel for how powerful the low budget/microbudget model can be in supporting our more ambitious efforts– PLEASE I ask you do just a little bit of ‘homework’ — here’s a few reading assignments:

Lionsgate Acquires Summit Entertainment for $412.5m


Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. (LGF) acquired “Twilight” producer, Summit Entertainment LLC, for $412.5 million in cash and stock, uniting two of Hollywood’s largest independent studios.

Most of the purchase was funded with cash from Summit, Lions Gate said yesterday in a statement. Both film labels, run from Santa MonicaCalifornia, will remain active producers and the company expects to save money by combining some tasks.

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MIKP finalizes terms to acquire profitable film production company

Mike The Pike Productions, Inc. Finalizes Terms to Acquire Profitable Film Production Company with Active Worldwide Revenue Streams

LOS ANGELES, CA –-January 9, 2012- Mike the Pike Productions, Inc. (OTC: MIKP) has signed off on final terms to acquire a film company and its library of feature films as a wholly owned subsidiary.  The seller produces low-budget genre films for the global marketplace that have proven particularly attractive to buyers in international markets.

The company’s founders have extensive experience in production, sales, distribution and investment banking; creating content with longstanding relationships to buyers worldwide and with presence at major film markets around the world, including the AFM, Berlinale and Cannes.

MIKP CEO, Mark B. Newbauer states, “The acquisition is a no-brainer in terms of an asset acquisition with active accounts receivables. All of the films produced thus far by the seller have included pre-sales to foreign territories in excess of their original budgets, giving Mike the Pike Productions a proven business model for consistent cash-money revenues.”

Mike The Pike expects to sign the final Sale and Purchase Agreement in the coming days at which point the company and its executives, properties, etc. will be announced.

Meanwhile, MTP works to complete post-production for its effects-driven sci-fi thriller White Space and packaging its werewolf mystery/thriller, George R.R. Martin’s The Skin Trade.

As well, MIKP has secured to work on its behalf to restore DTC eligibility, expanding its availability to prospective shareholders. E-Trade, among several others, is currently accepting purchase of MIKP.

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OTHER ENTERTAINMENT STOCKS INCLUDE:  Walt Disney Co. (DIS), Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. (LGF),  Time Warner (TWX)

Highlight Hollywood features Mike The Pike Productions


LOS ANGELES—(BUSINESS WIRE)— Mike the Pike Productions, Inc. (Pink – News) announces today that IPODesktop has released a video interview with CEO Mark B. Newbauer, including a focus on the company’s sci-fi thriller, ‘White Space’.

This is the first in a series of videos on MIKP by IPODesktop’s Francis Gaskins and scheduled future video interviews include the following topics:

Sci -Fi Markets
White Space Milestones
White Space Cast
White Space Plot