Unlike solving crimes, the LAST 48 hours may be the most crucial in any kickstarter campaign.  And our campaign is no exception.  We can still use your help and hope that you’ll lucid dream your way over to Kickstarter and get your copy of R.E.M. today!

For those of you that have already taken advantage of the rewards in our campaign- congratulations and thank you!

It’s amazing to think that since my last post we’ve nearly doubled our support in dollars- getting ever closer to the $20,000 we need to cover total book costs!

I’m thrilled to have this book mark Mike The Pike’s entry into the world of graphic novels.  Moreso, I’m thrilled for the team behind R.E.M.

There is nothing quite as gratifying as a creative success (except maybe a creative success with potential for financial success) and with R.E.M., Ryan Colucci and Zsombor Huska have achieved both.

And we couldn’t have done it without you- for this we will be ever grateful.  It’s truly amazing what the Kickstarter community can achieve.  If you aren’t an active part of this, check it out– its quickly become a platform for reciprocal giving as our own campaign has inspired me to take a look at other campaigns and help them out with my own support.

Either way– whether you’re an active member of kickstarter, a shareholder of Mike The Pike Productions or just a big fan of one-of-a-kind graphic novels– this is your chance to reap some truly striking rewards for your support!   #kickstarter #REM #mikethepike #graphicnovels

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You’re not dreaming!

R.E.M. kickstarterI am thrilled to announce that we have completed R.E.M., our first book in a partnership with Spoke Lane Entertainment.  R.E.M. is an edge of your seat, mind-bending thriller with a tragic love story at its core.

And now, we’ve launched our Kickstarter campaign ,which includes some amazing rewards, to raise the money necessary to bring this book to print.

Nearly 3 years ago, Ryan Colucci came to me with a slate of graphic novels proposing we partner on creating compelling content with solid prospects for film adaptation.  Most of those that follow me know Colucci as my oft-time collaborator (White Space ,George R.R. Martin’s The Skin Trade) with a background in film and graphic novels that speaks for itself.

R.E.M. was of the first books we agreed to make, including Bulderlyns, a family-themed story about a boy and his bond with a mystical creature which may be the only hope against an onslaught led by the creature’s evil sibling,  and Chasing Rabbits, in which the relentless pursuit of a serial killer takes place in a macabre take on the universe of Alice in Wonderland.  We are near complete on the entire slate with R.E.M. hitting the finish line first.

A graphic novel done right, for me, is the perfect marriage of book and film, using visuals to drive the story alongside the prose and inner monologues we don’t often see in a film.  Ryan Colucci, Zsombor Huszka and Karol Wisniewski have done just that with R.E.M., and in a sprawling story brought to life in gorgeous, haunting black and white.  It is nearly the antithesis of the explosive bursts of color in Colucci’s debut novel, Harbor Moon.

As well, for the company, this book will mark the first completed in our slate under Spokefish, the graphic novel partnership between Mike The Pike Productions and Spoke Lane Entertainment.

R.E.M. does not disappoint, and I write this in hopes that you will help us complete the dream with whatever support you can offer toward our publishing costs.  The book is finished, but now we need to print it.  I ask humbly if you will please support this project and the great talents behind it.  The final product is a result of a lot of blood, sweat and tears; and even when there was no way, we found a way, to finish it.

I’m really proud of the work that went in to making this a reality and hope that you will take the time to give $5, $20, $100, whatever you can spare to make this a reality as the first book of three on our slate.  If everyone following this blog were to give even the smallest amount, we will have reached in excess of our goal, allowing us to expedite distribution and finish work on additional books.  Thank you so much!

Also, I’ll be posting about this until we reach our goal, so if there’s no other reason to give– do it to shut me up about R.E.M.!    Thank you, Sincerely!









Mike The Pike update: SPOKEFISH GN ‘R.E.M.’ looking awesome!

Mike The Pike update: SPOKEFISH GN ‘R.E.M.’ looking awesome!  check out progress update from project manager, spoke lane entertainment….

What goes on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon, and on three legs in the evening?

Last night at www.filmworksfx.com, Ryan Colucci held a private screening of his prequel/short ‘4.2.3.’- a preface piece to Mike the Pike Productions and Spoke Lane Entertainment’s ‘R.E.M.’.   Shot earlier this year in L.A. as announced at http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/03/08/idUS143491+08-Mar-2011+BW20110308, the project was produced by Luiza Ricupero and Filmworks FX owner/founder Ken Locsmandi.  4.2.3. is a provocative glimpse into the universe of ‘R.E.M.’ in which a neuroscientist on the verge of both sanity and a breakthrough in sleep science for which some have died and many would kill. 

Among others, it was a great night with some welcomed guests including the film’s cast, Mike Genovese http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0312973/, Cameron Richardson http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0724460/ and Brian Johnson http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0424647/ .  It’s a compelling piece with a dark romantic tone that holds your attention from opening frame to the last note of its score, which takes a firm grasp on the viewer, inside out. 

The screening was a nice break from the adrenaline in the office the past 6 weeks leading to next week’s launch of principle photography on ‘White Space’.  – On that note, the company is currently under wraps on cast and other items of note for strategic purposes, but cameras roll Monday and I do look very much forward to sharing much of the project’s success thus far toward a very bright future for Mike the Pike Productions and all involved with ‘White Space’ after which we have some very exciting news in regards to ‘The Skin Trade’, ‘R.E.M.’, ‘Horse’ and another absolutely fascinating property (secured) we have yet to announce!  🙂