Waiting is the hardest part.

This is what I feel like waiting for FINRA to decide whether or not to reinstate our public vehicle.


That said, the wait continues….I spoke to our Market Maker today and all is still up in the air however confident they may be.  We don’t know anything until FINRA makes its decision.  In the meantime, I’m writing to let shareholders know that we are following due process and I

hope to hear something very soon given their last round of response.  I can’t say how much longer we are willing to wait before entertaining a plan B that fosters the growth in the public realm we all deserve, but I can say there are options on the table.  Until then, I wanted to update you on some exciting progress in the form of a few short bullets.

1) A trailer for White Space does in fact exist- and it looks terrific.  I am not at liberty to share the trailer publicly as the vote has it that its best to keep the content exclusive until Producers have decided on a buyer/accepted an offer.  That said, there is currently strong interest in the film from reputable distributors and/or sales agents.

2) George R.R. Martin’s The Skin Trade has become quite the sleeping Giant in terms of our assets and inherent potential.  The property is actively courted by a major television production house for series consideration.  Though a feature script is completed for the project, this is something I am heavily considering as, in the end, it is a great opportunity to expand the universe, take advantage of GRRM’s reputation/brand in the TV realm (see: Game of Thrones) and, financially, it can mean more money for the company in the end.   On the feature side, we have a tremendous opportunity (discussions phase) to go direct to a studio for development/production.

3) Saint James Films, LLC has secured VOD and/or DVD deals for Jurassic Shark, Captain Battle: Legacy War, Agent Beetle, Lizzie Borden’s Revenge and pre-sales on future titles as well.  We’re looking to produce anywhere from 6-12 features this year pending available financing.  We’ve recently completed ‘Phantom of the Woods’ via production partner, Open Sign Productions, LLC and the trailer can be seen on www.facebook.com/bewaretheforest.  We’ll be gearing up for Cannes on this and other titles as we work development and pre-production on future titles, one of which I’m proud to announce is based on one of my own story concepts ala ‘Leprechaun’ and ‘Candyman’ that we’ll film locally here in Fort Wayne, Indiana aimed for franchise potential.

4) I am meeting with private investors in the coming weeks regarding feature film finance for ‘Children of the Night’ and ‘Fish in a Barrel’ as well as slate financing for our Saint James titles this year.  Obviously, the more private financing we can secure without using the stock as consideration in any way, the better– as it builds our assets, benefits the private investor on the participation side and strengthens shareholder value as a result.   Both ‘Children of the Night’ and ‘Fish in a Barrel’ are owned 100% by Mike The Pike Productions, Inc. and most likely we’d enter into a 50/50 equity split with the private investor.  As well, because MTP controls the rights solely to these pictures, we will not have to worry about other parties and their opinions/concerns when it comes to releasing updates, materials, teasers, trailers, etc. – and we have some killer talent lined up in terms of crew that will give the films exponential production value toward optimal sales.

As for press releases, I understand the need for updates, regardless of what ‘market’ we are trading in.  The last I asked (which was late 2012), the Market Maker suggested we do not issue press releases until we are through the 211 process. After a call today we have agreed that press releases can be issued from here on out, so long as they are approved by our Market Maker’s compliance department before issuing— so though we’ll continue being active on Facebook and here on the blog, I will ensure that material updates are made via Press Release once each is approved by the Market Maker.

I hope this informative for now as this purgatory we’re in is frustrating to say the least; however I can only hope things go our way as we are performing stronger than ever in terms of operations with some amazing people and opportunities on the horizon.  Until then, we’re working hard. Me and Wilson are getting by and I have stocked up on almond butter to ensure I’m fortified until we hear back.