Werewolf sighted in Los Angeles

Picture 7 Okay, scratch that- it was actually a guy that hasn’t shaved since 2012…just another of the sundry of sights this week in Los Angeles.  But I am here on werewolf-related business. Investors flew me in yesterday to discuss the funding for a feature film version of George R.R. Martin’s The Skin Trade, the award winning-novella I scripted an adaptation for earlier this year.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Ita Nagy, of Cohen/Gardner, in person this morning to get to know each other and discuss some projects.  Cohen/Gardner is repping us on Skin Trade and also helping with an offer we hope to make on another exciting property, which I hope to have news on in the near future.

As shareholders know, we’ve had quite a journey with GRRM’s The Skin Trade, with a much appreciated boost from record-breaking fan demand for ‘Game of Thrones’ and the recently published ‘The Skin Trade’ graphic novel by Avatar Press which GRRM spoke of at this year’s Comic Con.

I’m thrilled with the progress the last few months that has led to our meeting tonight.  I am also trying to match schedules with our form 211 sponsoring market maker, BMA Securities so I can meet them tomorrow and check on progress with our submission which I hope will go out this week as the aim was to have it submitted by end of last week.  I’m told by the MM they are working diligently to complete their answers on the form for delivery to FINRA this week. I’ll remain optimistic as I’m grateful for all they have done for the company thus far.  Thanks for following and I hope to be updating again soon!